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Netflix and Amazon are bringing their streaming video services to Apple’s Apple TV 4 and Apple TV Pro 4 devices.

Netflix and the video service Amazon have teamed up to offer two Apple TV devices with streaming video capabilities: a 4K Apple TV and a 4,560×2,160 Apple TVPro.

The 4K devices have Apple’s new A7 chip, but the 4,600×2.5 4K streaming video streaming device has been optimized for the Apple TV4.

The 4K video streaming devices will be available in November.

Apple also released a new version of the AppleTV that uses an Intel chip and has support for the A7 processor, but that device does not support the A8 chip.

Apple will also have two new 4K TVs and an A8 Pro TV.

These are the only devices that support 4K output, meaning that you can watch movies and TV shows at the same time on the same device.

Apple says these devices can “up to 10 times faster than previous generation 4K HDTVs” and “perform as good as 4K Blu-ray and Ultra HD content.”

Apple also says the 4K streams will be supported by Apple’s streaming video app, Apple TV.

Netflix says it’s launching Apple TV on October 17 with four streaming video apps, including Apple TV, Apple Video, Apple’s video-on-demand service, and Netflix.

The apps can all be accessed from the Apple Home app.