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Why Theatrical Release of ‘Liar Liar’ Is a Good Idea

Theatres around the country will be seeing “Liar,” the musical about the 2016 presidential election, on Friday.

The production is being co-produced by Paramount Pictures and the Broadway production is expected to open in theaters.

“Livermore” is also set to open at the MetLife Stadium on Saturday.

The musical will also play in a series of pre-sale events on Sunday.

The cast includes the cast of “Hamilton” and a number of other leading performers, including “The Office” stars Scott Bakula and John Stamos.

“Hamilton: The Musical” is a show of a song that was written by George W. Bush during the presidential campaign and is being adapted into a musical, according to the Broadway producers.

“This is the perfect example of the new and exciting possibilities of theatrical distribution, with an all-star cast, the best cast in the business, and a proven record of being able to tell compelling, emotional stories,” said Steve Schaffer, president of Broadway Ventures.

“I’m proud to be part of this exciting new partnership with Paramount, and look forward to seeing ‘Leroy’ as a huge success.”

“Lerious,” a musical that premiered at New York’s Lincoln Center in November, has grossed $13 million at the box office and is playing at nearly 20 theaters nationwide.