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Why is Amazon selling its Books Online for £1.99?

By now you probably know about Amazon’s latest price hike: the £1,999-a-year Unlimited Digital Book plan for its Kindle e-reader.

You might not have heard about the pricing change.

But there’s still plenty of mystery surrounding the pricing of the service.

Here’s what you need to know: Amazon Unlimited Digital Books is now priced at £1:99/€2.49/AU$3.99, the same price as the Kindle Unlimited plan, and Amazon says that the Unlimited plan includes “every book you own, every Kindle ebook you own” and “the entire collection of Amazon books in the Library, with over 100 million titles in the United States alone.”

It’s unclear what this means for users who purchased their books via their Kindle’s e-readers last year.

We’ve contacted Amazon for clarification.

Amazon says it has no plans to sell Unlimited Books at this time, but does say that users will be able to purchase additional copies of their purchased books “in future versions of Amazon Books.”

This means that if you bought a $10 Kindle eReader in 2016, and then bought a subscription for $14.99 in 2017, you would now be able do the same for a $30 Kindle.

Amazon Unlimited is a subscription-based service.

There’s no physical physical book you can buy, and you can only buy a book via the Kindle Store.

The publisher, Random House, has also announced that it will be discontinuing the Unlimited program and will only offer the “eBook for Kindle” app, which is a digital edition of books.

It also plans to discontinue the Unlimited service for new customers this summer, though it didn’t specify how soon.

Amazon also said that the service’s eBooks are “designed to be used with Kindle’s built-in apps” and that “you can create a library of eBooks from a single book.”

Amazon says the Unlimited library will be available for $8.99/£7.99 a year for new users and $15.99 for existing users.

The Unlimited library is currently available only for new Kindle owners, and there’s no word on when or if it will change.

We’re still waiting to see what the next version of the Unlimited app will look like.

Amazon did not immediately respond to a request for comment.