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‘Cinetime’ stars as a ‘Bursa’ and a ‘Dawn of the World’ star: Live stream on ESPN2

CINTIME is a brand new series on ESPN’s digital channels, bringing together an all-new cast of original characters, including Cinetime Entertainment CEO Ali Bani, the show’s writer-producer Ali Shahidi, and the entire cast of Bursa.

The series will premiere on ESPN 2 on April 11 and will be available to stream on the ESPN app and on ESPNU beginning April 14.

In addition to Shahidi and Bani (the duo behind the show) and Bursam, the series will also include Ali Shahid (Dawn, The Voice), Akshay Bhatt, Rajesh Kaur, Sajid Khan, J.K. Daul, Nihar Dhingra, Murtaza Hussain, Arshad Hussain, Raza Jahan, Shabnam Hussain, and Sarabjit Singh.

In the first episode of the series, the new cast members meet up with the Bursas and discover that they have been under the control of Bali, the former ruler of Bausa.

They also discover that their new friends have also been under Bali’s control and are in a secret alliance with him.

In addition, the cast members are joined by their new friend Bursum (K.C. Sharma), who will be a member of the Bausas secret team.

While Shahidi (Cintime Entertainment) will be the lead writer on the series and Shahid will be its executive producer, Shahid and Bedi will also act as the writers for the series.

Bursam will play the lead character, a young girl named Baha who is now a part of the team.

The cast members will also reunite with their old friend Baha (Dawood, Akshaya Bhatt), who has also become a part-time member of Baha’s team.

In addition, Baha is also a former member of Dawn of the world.

As for the other two cast members, K.C.-Shahid will play a man named Shabbir, while J.

C-Bedi will play an old woman named Shafiq.

Additionally, there will be more casting announcements to come as the series continues, including the return of Rajesh, the voice of Bahadaur, in the first two episodes.

More to come.