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Why I’ll never watch the new Bursa movie: It’s just too much of a show

Bursas latest movie has already been seen by millions, but that doesn’t mean that the movie will have a good chance of becoming a hit.

The story revolves around the birth of a new Bensa (Mazharuddin Siddiqui) and how he develops a friendship with his father, an important role given that Burs is a very strict father figure to his son.

In the first half of the movie, Burs and his father spend their days on the road, travelling from city to city, meeting new friends and developing their friendship.

Burs a lot like his father in that respect.

He doesn’t have a lot of time to waste, he’s very dedicated, and he always keeps his promise.

The second half of this movie, however, is a lot different from the first one, as the Bursam is a little more of a rebel and a little less strict than his father.

The first half, especially in terms of its narrative, was quite heavy and heavy-handed, and it’s hard to make this film stand out without becoming repetitive and dull.

That’s what makes the second half so much better, because it takes its time and lets the Bensas grow and grow in the face of adversity and adversity’s inevitable consequences.

While the first movie was a very entertaining movie, the second one has a lot more heart and character and I’m looking forward to seeing the movie again.

Bensam is currently in theaters and will be available on March 31.

The film’s trailer is below.

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