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Why Hong Kongers can’t go to the cinema in 2018

Hong Kong residents who want to see the Chinese blockbuster cinetimes hongsong jhajaar are stuck.

The official Chinese film industry website has posted that the film is not available to mainland tourists for six months.

“It’s a serious restriction that makes no sense for Hong Kong people,” said Ms Chen, who works as a social worker.

“It feels like it’s really limiting.”

A cinema in Hong Kong.

Photo: Reuters The film was originally released in 2013, but its distribution in China has been restricted for years.

It has been the subject of a series of protests and boycotts, culminating in the death of pro-democracy student leader Joshua Wong.

The film is the latest in a string of Chinese films that have been banned in Hongkong, with the city recently voting in favour of independence.

A spokeswoman for Hongkongs Cinema Association said it was not aware of any restrictions on screenings of the film.

She said a decision to screen the film was made with the help of a team of cinema experts and would be communicated to moviegoers.

“Cinema is a big business, and the Hong Kong movie industry has always been able to produce films that are appealing to a wide audience, whether they’re on a limited budget or on a big budget,” Ms Chen said.

Cinetime: The Year of the Dragon.

In 2016, a Chinese film called cinimes hong, or Dragon, which starred actor Jiang Li, sparked a huge debate after it was released in Hongki in Hong, the city’s financial hub.

Chinese actor Jiang Lin and wife Li Minqing attend a screening of cinames hong at the Cinema in Hongkyi on March 2, 2018.

Photo: ReutersMs Chen said she was concerned about the impact of the censorship on Hongkangs film industry, which has a large number of independent films that cater to a broader range of tastes.

“We need to make sure the film industry doesn’t become the target for censorship,” she said.

“People are not allowed to come to the cinemas to see films with any sort of ideological content, and I think that’s a really big restriction.”

Ms Chen believes the cinema industry is more open to independent film than other Chinese cinemas.

Her group is working with the film-making institute of the Hongkou Film Society to make the film available in the city, but she said it would take time.

“If you want to know how to watch a film in Hong kong, you can’t just go to a cinema,” she added.

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