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‘Troubled’ ‘Big Bang Theory’ star on ‘Big Brother’ reunion

“Theres no way to predict who’s going to win and I dont want to say I know what’s going on, I don’t know if I will win.

It is not going to be that easy.

I have my own little secret, so we have to see how we are.””

There is a certain degree of anxiety and tension that I have.

Theres no doubt it’s going the right way and Ive done my best to get over it.

It doesnt make me a bad person.

It makes me a human being.

I am still a kid, I still play sports, I do my thing.

I cant be a bad kid or a bad athlete, but I am a human child and I cannt be a villain.”

In the interview with The Irish News, he said: “I amnt a villain, I dont get to tell people what to do.

Ive got my own agenda, and I am trying to get back to that now.”

He added: “If theres a chance, I would like to do something for the show.

I would love to do a reunion.

I wasnt able to do that with the show.”

He also admitted that there was still a long way to go.

Asked if he was planning to do more music in the future, he replied: “No.

I dont think so, not really.

Its just the time.

I want to be able to get home and relax and not worry about stuff.

Thats what Im looking forward to.

I feel really relaxed now, im back to what I want, my life is great.””

Its more about time, time to get away from all that.

I feel really relaxed now, im back to what I want, my life is great.”

He has previously said he isnt the type to talk about his mental health, but he did talk about it at the end of the show last year.