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‘The Hobbit’ author J.R.R Tolkien, author of ‘The Lord of the Rings,’ dies at 89


R.R., the legendary author of The Lord of The Rings, has died, his publisher announced on Monday.

He was 89.

J.R.’s publisher, HarperCollins, said Tolkien died Monday in London from complications from diabetes.

He spent most of his life in England, where he worked as an assistant to Tolkien and lived with his wife, Marjorie, in a farmhouse in the Yorkshire hills.

In a statement, the Tolkien estate said: “J.

R., the greatest and most important author of the Middle-earth trilogy, has passed away.

He will be remembered for his vast creative talents and vast achievements.

His profound friendship and warmth will be greatly missed by all.”

Tolkien’s literary legacy is legendary and his work continues to influence people, from film directors to musicians and TV producers.

He is credited with inventing a new genre of fantasy literature called epic fantasy, in which fantasy stories are set in epic, mythological worlds.

In The Lord Of The Rings trilogy, Tolkien created the Middle Earth.

The Middle-Earth trilogy has sold more than 500 million copies worldwide and has spawned a number of TV shows, including The Lord In The Rings.

Tolkien was born in London to Irish immigrant parents, but his mother was a Scottish Catholic.

After his father left Ireland in the 1950s, Tolkien moved with his family to England where he studied drama at Oxford.

He eventually became a British journalist and writer, writing for a number popular British magazines, including the Sunday Times and The Guardian.

Tolkein has a number stories to his credit, including “The Hobbit,” “The Lord Of the Rings” and “The Silmarillion.”

In an interview with The Guardian in 2007, he said his love of literature is rooted in the Middle Ages.

In “The Fellowship of the Ring,” he said that Tolkien’s stories were “a lot more beautiful and poetic than the fantasy stories that we are used to.”