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India’s ‘Cinetime’ book awards 2018: Where to watch, who to watch and where to eat

A look at the top 10 winners and winners of the Indian Bookmyshow awards.


The New Yorker’s Shaina Ranganathan (1923-2016) “A woman’s mind is the most important thing in the universe.”


The Guardian’s Sridhar Suresh (1922-2016): “A young Indian man who has grown up in London, New York and Mumbai, knows how to write.”


New York Times’ J.D. Vance (1921-2016), author of ‘Sidney’, ‘A Woman’s Mind’ and ‘Livin’ It Like It’s 1968′ 4.

New Yorker writer and broadcaster Shaina, who is married to author Akshay Kumar 5.

The Telegraph’s Samir Sethi (1917-2016 and ‘Dangerous Liaisons’), author of the best-selling ‘The Last of Us’, ‘The Long Walk’ and many more 6.

The Independent’s James V. Abramovich (1915-2016, ‘Dirty Wars’) 7.

The Times of India’s Sunil Jain (1914-2016 ), who is also an award-winning writer 8.

The Economist’s David Shariatmadari (1913-2016); author of two books, ‘The Unwritten History of India’ and ”India’s Future” 9.

The Wall Street Journal’s John D’Agostino (1912-2016 in ‘Losing My Mind’ trilogy) 10.

Time’s Richard Schuman (1909-2016).