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How to watch your favorite TV shows at home

How to stream and watch TV shows on your computer, tablet, or smartphone?

You can do so at home, thanks to a new app. 

A series of new apps have launched in the UK, with the most recent coming from BBC Sport. 

Cinema-themed apps will include: BBC Sport TV, BBC Sport Now, BBC Sports, BBC iPlayer, BBC One, BBC Two, BBC Three, BBC News, Channel 4, Cricket, Dancehall, Grassroots, Horse Racing, Sky Sports, The RTE Radio Show, Sport Focus, Tales from the BBC, Sports Focus, BBC Radio 5 Live, TV6  and TV3. 

The BBC Sport TV app allows users to listen to BBC Sport’s channels, catch up on the day’s action, and see highlights of live events. 

Its video and live radio features are limited to a few shows on the BBC Sport website, and can be subtitled. 

BBC Sports features an accelerated version of BBC Radio 5 live. 

You can watch all BBC Sport shows at home at the BBC Sport website, but there’s also the BBC Sport app, which offers access to a wider range of programmes, including a full programme of every BBC Sport show, or a selection of selected programme episodes on the BBC iplayer, the BBC World Service, and the new BBC Sport mobile app.

The BBC Sports app is also available on Google Play and Apple OS devices, and is available for Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Blackberry Smartphones, Nokia Smartphones and BlackBerry Z10. 

In addition to the BBC Sports app, other new apps in the BBC UK app catalogue include BBC  Radio Channel, Belfast Radio, Stuart McLeod’s BBC Wales Radio Show and BBC Yorkshire Radio.