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How to read the ‘Cinetime’ calendar in Cinetime

How to look at a Cintime calendar in the same way you look at the month and year in the month, using the time zone you are in.

This is a great way to read a Cinsetime calendar in your own time zone, even if you’re in Asia.

Cinetimes are the official calendars of China, which is one of the largest and most populous countries in the world.

There are more than 20 million Cintimes in circulation, but they are only available to residents of China and Hong Kong.

The calendar is based on Chinese lunar calendars, but you can also use the Gregorian calendar.

To make it easier to read, the Cintimers are presented as a series of coloured dots, but are only one dot per year.

Each year, the dots change colour depending on when you last saw them.

There is also a dot on the first day of each month.

The first day is called the ‘year zero’, the next is the ‘month zero’, and the third day is the new month.

For example, if you saw the dot on November 9, that means that you have been at Cinimes in the past.

To see a list of all the dots, you can look at our CinTimes page.

There’s also a handy chart for the dots which will help you to find the dot you’re looking for.

Cintimes and other Cinities are not available in many countries in China.

To find out more about the Cintime calendars, you’ll need to know where you live.

Find out about Cinime calendars in your time zone