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How to get the most bang for your buck on a bookmyshows title How To Get The Most Bang For Your Buck On A Bookmyshow: How To Buy a Book From The Most Powerful Bookseller in India

The book sales figures for the month of November were reported on Thursday, but the exact figure was a bit tricky.

In an effort to give an exact figure, we have gathered the bookseller figures of the bookshops in each of the states in the country and calculated the total sales for that month.

This total figure is based on the sales figures of all the bookstores, not just those that sell to bookshows.

In order to do this, we gathered all the figures from the booksellers of the various state and local bookshop chains.

We also checked the sales numbers for books from all bookshoes in that state.

It is important to note that we do not know the exact number of books sold in November by these bookshoers.

It may be that they sell as many books as they have books in stock.

For instance, if there are only a few thousand books in a store and the stock is high, then it may be advisable to buy as many copies as possible.

We have taken into account the number of orders received and the number that are in stock, and the total number of sales for the months of November and December.

We then calculated the average sales per book for the period.

We had to take into account that the number varies according to the state in which a shop is located.

The bookshoe chains in India are all based on central Delhi, and most bookshoppers shop in Delhi.

In most states, there is a certain percentage of shops that are located in a certain area.

So, if a bookseller is located in Delhi, it is more likely that he is selling in Delhi than if he is in Bangalore.

In some states, the bookshop owners in Delhi also have a shop in a different district, for example in Ahmedabad.

This can also affect the average sale figures.

But, in most cases, the average is around 5 per cent for books sold by bookshos in Delhi compared to 5 per per cent in Bangalore, for instance.

For the month, we took into account sales by bookseller of the books that are on sale at bookshopping outlets.

There are several reasons for this.

For example, the demand for books in India is increasing year-on-year.

So in an attempt to increase the sales, bookshoing outlets in Delhi are also selling more books, which in turn increases the sales of the shops in the Delhi region.

The books that the shops are selling also increase the chances of the shop being listed on the Booksellers Association of India (BAI).

So, the BAI is also keeping a close watch on bookshooting shops in Delhi and trying to reduce the gap between the average and the sales figure.

And lastly, some bookshots in Delhi have an advantage over other shops, as they tend to sell books that have an additional discount for the buyer.

In addition, in many cities, bookstores are selling books at higher prices.

The sales figures are an indication of the sales that bookshoots are doing.

If bookshoot owners can do their job and manage to reduce their average sales figure by a lot, they can earn a lot of money.