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How to get a ticket to the 2018 Iran-Turkey Summit: Cinetime Antalya’s Cinemyer shows

Antalyan activists have staged protests against the Turkish military’s military coup on the streets of Cinimeh, a Turkish town in northwestern Turkey.

They’ve been demonstrating ever since the military announced that they were suspending the country’s presidential election.

The demonstrations are called Cinemys Anti-Coup Campaign and they’re organized by the People’s Democratic Party (HDP).

Their leader, Mehmet Hüseyin, has been leading the protest since Friday.

On Saturday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan met with the president of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), Abdullah Öcalan, to discuss the coup attempt.

On Sunday, Turkey’s parliament approved a new constitution that would give Erdoğan greater powers, including the ability to intervene in local elections and appoint his own prime minister.

The military has responded by launching a campaign of arrests, detentions, and other repressive measures, including jailing more than 400 political figures and supporters, including more than 200 journalists, according to Human Rights Watch.

More than 200,000 people have been arrested in Turkey since the coup, and more than 1,400 people have died.

On Sunday, the head of the opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP), Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, called for a nationwide demonstration to protest against the coup and against Erdoğan’s government.

Cinemyers Anti-Military Coup Day is being organized in more than 30 cities across Turkey, including Antalyas capital Cinim, where the Turkish Parliament is sitting.

The day will take place in both cities, which are predominantly Kurdish.

Cinemas in Antalyans cities will be showing movies, and Cinima’s anti-coup protests are scheduled to take place throughout the night.

Cinsimeh activists have organized a rally in front of the Turkish Embassy, where they will protest against Erdigay’s government and against Cinmeyan’s government for suspending the presidential election, according a statement from the anti-military protest.

On Monday, a demonstration in Istanbul’s Taksim Square called on the government to arrest the leader of Cincinemye and to close the police station where the coup was staged.

On Tuesday, protesters will gather in the Ciniman Square in Cinıca, an Istanbul neighborhood.

Cinimians Anti-Militarization Day will take the streets on Wednesday.