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How to book your Turgutl: The Turgu, The Travi, The Ghosh, The Buhari & The Ghazali bookies

BAHADUR: The first of these two-part programmes, hosted by the legendary Indian TV personality, Dinanath Batra, is set to air on Saturday night on Travieghba TV channel.

It will be the first of two programme on the popular Bengali TV channel, with a total of three programmes on the channel.

Traviegba, which is based in Bhopal, has more than 70 channels in a network which includes all the major TV channels in the country.

The first programme will be a three-part series on the life of the legendary Bengali icon and the second will be an interview with the author and TV personality.

The programme will air on Turgulipi TV channel on Friday night.

The third programme, which will be broadcast on Turda channel, will be hosted by a Bollywood actress, who has been an icon of Bengali cinema for more than a decade.

Bhagwanath Batranath, the creator and host of the series, said that he will be talking to the guests, the audience, the personalities and the audience will be able to understand the characters and personalities of the characters.

“The audience is the first to understand and enjoy the story,” he said.