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Bahadur Bharadurgaro has been the first Indian in the news in recent years for his work in the film industry.

He has directed several films, including a film with actor Ranveer Singh and has been a regular on the BBC news channel.

But his most recent film is not his usual fare: it’s a documentary.

Bahadir has done a lot of interviews over the years with the likes of Amitabh Bachchan, Anupam Kher, Sachin Tendulkar, and Amitabih Jain.

The documentary, titled Cinime Bahaduru, tells the story of the film’s making and how it came to be.

He spoke to TechCrunch about the film, his personal life, and the importance of his work.

What’s the first thing you wanted to make in your life when you were a child?

The first thing I wanted to do was film and record films.

I have a love for cinema and the history of Indian cinema.

So I wanted my films to be a bit different.

What is it about India, I asked myself.

When I was younger, I used to watch films from Bombay and Bengal, and it was very much like a country.

When you look at the history and culture of the country, what is it?

The language.

I remember thinking, this is how a country should be.

Then, the idea of a film came to me.

What if I could use Indian film as a canvas?

And I did.

The first time I saw the film was when I was just five or six years old.

My father had told me that it would be a very good film.

I had been told about a few other films that he had made and thought, “This one has to be the best”.

So I went to the cinema, and I was mesmerised by the film.

My parents had been really supportive and very kind towards me, so I loved it.

The documentary tells the history behind the film and how you came to make it.

It also features a selection of interviews with your contemporaries, the most prominent being Anupamsha Rao.

How did the documentary capture the passion of those who worked on the film?

The film was a real collaborative effort.

My mother and father helped me in making the film with them.

I was very lucky in that I could actually speak to all the people who worked in the industry.

They really helped me understand what the film meant to them.

And they also helped me create the characters, the backgrounds, the setting, and everything else.

My brother and I were very close.

When we were making the movie, I would come and visit them and I would talk to them about the story.

We talked about the history.

I would also come and talk to their families and talk about the past.

We also talked about how we wanted to tell the story from the perspective of our generation.

We were not trying to create a movie that is a rehash of the past; we wanted something that was a different take on the story and how people in the 21st century see it.

So, it was really a collaborative effort between me and my father.

I wanted it to be something that people would see and understand.

It has a very unique history and has a unique cast of characters.

What made you choose these people?

The people in Cinimes Bahadurus are a bit of a surprise to me, as they are the most interesting people in history.

There are no people who have a story of that magnitude.

They are very interesting and they are very passionate about the subject.

They know how the country should work, and they know what to expect from the film as well.

What are they like as people?

My father and mother were really supportive, so we really had a lot to talk to about what they thought the film should be about.

We had to get to know them, and we did it with love and understanding.

We went to many places, and then I used my mother’s phone.

She would text me from time to time and I sent back the film that she had been sent and I just watched it.

And I think she appreciated the film a lot.

What are the people you met on the journey?

It’s not easy to say.

I think there are a lot that I met that were a little bit unexpected.

My first encounter was in New Delhi.

My film team and I went out to visit the city to shoot the film for the first time.

We met a lot people.

It was really exciting.

I really enjoyed it.

But when we went back to the US, we went to meet some friends.

They had also been filming the film but had no idea that I