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Cinema in Punjab’s ‘Cinetime’ shows in new series

Punjab’s cinemas have launched new series of films and films from different genres and with new characters, in a bid to revive the industry in the province.

A number of films are scheduled to go into theatres in the coming weeks.

“There will be a series of new films and series from different regions of the country.

These new series will be available on digital platforms, we are working towards this goal.

These films will feature actors from different provinces, and different actors from various regions.

We are working with all the actors in the industry to get these films into cinemas,” said Sarbjit Singh, general manager of Charkhabad’s Charkabadi.

A series of five films will be released by Charkabi Cinemas and Charkavali Cinema, which are both part of the same chain.

“We have three films, which will be distributed in different theaters across the province,” said Saini Chaudhary, Charkabbai’s Chaudhi.

“The first film is ‘Mulhaj Khan’ by Ankit Singh, who plays a journalist and the second is ‘Hindu Bhai’ by Shah Rukh Khan.

The third film will be ‘Mubhaq’ by Mool Singh, an actor who has been working in the entertainment industry for a long time,” he added.

Saini said that the new series was expected to attract a large audience.

“Our first film, ‘Muzhgar’, will be directed by Kishore Singh, a director from Punjab.

The next film will have a story based on a film, and will be produced by Arshad Shah,” he said.