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Bookmyshow 2018: The top 100 titles on sale in India

BHALU: The first two books to be published in the next six months are set to be released by BHU’s Bookmyship, a platform that offers a range of digital, audio, print, video and book titles for the reading public.

The platform is aiming to attract more than $1.1 billion in book sales this fiscal year, according to Bookmyshop.com CEO Kunal Kumar.

He says the platform has already seen huge growth from its launch last year, with over 30,000 books now being sold through the platform in the country.

Bookmyshow is a platform launched by BHA and BHULA last year to offer digital and audio books.

This year, the platform will also be introducing a series of book deals, which will allow readers to buy a range, including audio books and audiobooks for offline reading.

The company is also offering a range for those looking to stream audio books or books online, while the BHA Book Club will offer audio books for offline readers.

Read moreThe bookshop offers a free-trial version of the platform, which gives users access to free books in Hindi, Gujarati, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Marathi and Marathi-language books, as well as the best-selling books from the previous two years.

In addition, it offers book deals for the reader, including a free trial of the best book in the market, said Kumar.

Bookmyshare also launched its digital platform on October 23, 2018, with the aim of providing readers with the best content to read, in Hindi and Gujarati.

Its launch was met with criticism, as the platform only offered Hindi and Urdu books.

However, Bookmyshowshare has since grown to serve over 1.8 million readers in India, and it has already attracted more than 3 million book buyers and sellers.

Its business model is to be an all-inclusive platform for readers, said BHURU CEO Sushant Kumar.

With the launch of Bookmyshwort, the company is hoping to continue to grow and attract new customers, he said.

Bookmasters, which is run by Kunal and Sushanth, launched its first app in July 2018 and has over 5.5 million users.

This platform offers the readers a free app and offers audiobook deals.

Bookmyshop, which launched last year as an online platform for booksellers, has already grown to offer more than 7 million books for purchase through the portal.

It has also attracted new customers through a digital platform, Bookmasters-Lit, which aims to attract book buyers from across India and beyond.

Bookmates, a digital bookseller, has also been growing rapidly.

Bookmates has over 4 million customers, and its business model revolves around digital books.

With more than 30, 000 books in its queue, Bookmyshowshop is confident that Bookmies will attract new book buyers, said Kunal.

Bookmaster is aiming at growing to over 1 million customers by 2020, said Sushanthan.

The business model of the company involves offering an online bookshop, an app and a digital service.

The new bookshop is aimed at a larger audience, with an aim to offer the best books and content, said Bookmaster founder and CEO Sivakumar Das.

Bookmaker, a portal platform that has been offering digital book sales for years, is now looking to expand its audience through Bookmakers.com, which has over 9.5 lakh customers and has already been acquiring more than 2 lakh book buyers.

Bookmakers is also planning to launch an online portal platform for the book market.

The online portal will be aimed at digital book buyers to connect with other users on the platform and to create book deals and reviews.

Bookmakers also plans to launch a mobile app for book buyers in the coming months.

The app will offer a digital shop, a curated store and an e-book store.

Bookmoms, a social bookseller that is looking to grow in India and also across the globe, has over 1 lakh customers.

The digital platform will be available on the app store for all users.