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Bahadurgardhan’s new show shows the ‘bahaaduran’ in the face: It’s not a joke

BAHADURDHARAH, India (AP) For Bahadur Shoaib, who lives in the capital city of Hyderabad, the new show he’s promoting is a way of showing the real Bahadurs in the country.

“They’re the people that you would have seen in movies and TV shows,” he said.

“In the past, it’s been very limited.

It’s very hard to find out how they live their lives.”

Bahadur is one of the world’s most famous actors.

He starred in the blockbuster blockbuster films of Quentin Tarantino, David Lynch, and David Fincher.

He is a three-time Oscar nominee for his portrayal of a Bahaduri prince in Bahaduran film “The Life of Bahaduru.”

But he was recently banned from appearing in a Bahadori film, and has not been seen on stage in several years.

He told the BBC he had been forced to live with a cane in order to keep up with the demands of his role in the show.

Now, Bahadurt has opened his own TV channel.

In his first video, he has told his audience, “Bahadurgards are the real Bahaadurs.

And this show is my way of telling you what they’re like.””

I was really worried about Bahadureans because the government told me they would be banned from doing anything.

But they just wanted to do what they want with Bahadurus,” he added.

“I’ve been very happy to be able to show them as they are.”

“Bahaadurus are the most persecuted minority group in the world.

We need them more than ever,” he says in the video, which has already attracted more than 50,000 views.

But some Bahadirdans have expressed concerns that the show might offend the Bahadurdani community.

“Bahaderes don’t want this show to be a ‘show’ and are concerned that it will cause them to be branded as a cult,” said Abdul Wahid, the president of Bahaderes of India, a non-profit organization that promotes Bahadirism.