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Why is the Bursa Center hosting a film festival?

A few weeks ago, the Istanbul-based Bursac Center for Cultural Life, which runs a series of film festivals in Istanbul, was hosting a special film screening event in a newly renovated building on the main street of Istanbul.

The Bursas event featured films from local filmmakers, and attendees were given the opportunity to watch the films in person.

However, there was a problem: The Bensa Center for Culture Life didn’t know that the films had been made, and was therefore not able to tell the filmmakers about it, says Yilmaz Erekin, a Turkish film scholar.

In response, Erekins launched a petition on social media, and within hours, the hashtag #BursasFilmFilm was trending on Twitter.

This week, Bursar Cinema and Arts (Bursac), which was created in 2014 to celebrate Turkish film, is holding the second Bursascia Film Festival in Istanbul.

It’s set to be held on April 30 and 31.

“We want to take part in the celebration of Turkish cinema,” says Ereokin.

“There is a great need for it and we want to show the world how Turkey has been making films for years.

It is an important part of our country’s history and we are here to promote it.”

The festival, which will feature a wide range of films, is expected to draw in more than 1,000 people.

“This is not a festival that is just for people in Turkey.

It has to be enjoyed by everyone,” says Ali Erek, a film scholar at the Bensac Center.

“It’s about the people, not just the people who make films.”

The film festival’s director, Mehmet Kaya, is hopeful that the event will open the eyes of filmmakers and audiences.

“The festival is meant to be a celebration of Turkey’s cinema, and this is a chance to create a space for us to talk about film in Turkey,” he says.

“If we do this, there will be no barriers in the world.”