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Watch Cinetime TV’s Antalya: “Antalya” Premiere on Netflix

CinTime has a great story to tell.

Back in 2011, CinLifeTV, a Turkish-language online platform for Turkish content, started hosting the popular show Cinlife in Istanbul.

CinLite.com, which runs the show and is also an online streaming service, is one of the biggest names in the Turkish online TV business.

Now CinLast has teamed up with the company to produce the first series of Antalyas, which will premiere on Netflix on April 30, 2018.

“I think it is a good idea,” says CinLeak.

“As a Turkish producer and distributor of Turkish TV, it is really important to reach the right audience, especially those who are not familiar with Turkish television.

We hope that the show will attract a larger audience.”

The series will feature the voices of Turkish actors and actresses and feature some of the best-known Turkish talent.

“CinLast is one who can be counted on for good quality Turkish content,” says Alp Arın, CenLite’s CEO and founder.

“We want to continue our relationship with CinMedia in order to provide quality Turkish TV content to our customers.”

The first episode of the series will be titled “Bukhara.”