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‘I’ve Never Been This Happy Before’: Cinetime Movie Stars React to ‘M’ Title NHL’s ‘Mascot’ Says He Wasn’t Happy About Being Named ‘Cinetime’s Mascot.’

NHL players and their teammates, especially rookies, have been making fun of the “Cintime” moniker for the past couple of weeks, and it’s been a fun read.

The team has gone as far as to rename players and teams to “Mascots,” and even the “M” has been used a few times, including by the Carolina Hurricanes.

It all started when Cincy defenseman Mike Ribeiro went on a Twitter rant on Friday night about the nickname.

“I don’t even want to be called a ‘M.C.’,” he said.

“C’mon, this is a nickname for a person.


What are you doing?

Why do you keep using it?”

It didn’t take long for a slew of players to respond to Ribeiru’s comments, and they were generally pretty unkind.

For starters, the Cinestars had a couple of big names in their own right to give their own take on the name.

A few players even called Ribeiriy’s comments sexist and derogatory, and one of them, Cam Fowler, said that Ribeirays words were “defamatory.”

Here are some of the reactions to Ribeairiys rant.