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How to find the best Istanbul nightclubs in the country

Istanbul has become the country’s best nightclub destination, according to a new study, with a staggering number of venues catering to the city’s burgeoning nightlife scene.

While there are plenty of nightclubs that cater exclusively to the Turkish population, it’s rare to find a nightclub that isn’t a popular destination for foreigners.

That’s partly due to the large amount of foreigners living and working in Istanbul.

But a recent study by the Istanbul-based cultural consultancy Cinetime Entertainment website, which tracks international events and nightclubs, found that a whopping 92% of Istanbul’s clubs are popular among foreign tourists.

Cintime, which runs a club booking site and has a global presence, compiled a list of the top 100 nightclubs across the city.

It’s the second year in a row that Istanbul’s top nightclubs have been ranked.

In 2017, Istanbul ranked fourth in the global rankings.

The study found that 70% of the club’s patrons are foreigners, and a whopping 86% of clubs are international.

“The fact that we’re ranking the clubs in such a way that they are very international and international in terms of culture, and in such numbers, is really unique,” Cinime executive director Hamit Karaca told Polygon.

“There’s only one other city in the world that has more international clubs than Istanbul.

We really can’t beat Istanbul.

That really is the reason.”

Cinetime’s research shows that nightclubs catering to foreign visitors are becoming more popular across the country.

While many nightclubs cater to foreigners, some are also popular among Turkish tourists.

The most popular club in Istanbul is the one with the name “Cintime,” which is located in a trendy district of the city called Taksim Square.

The name has become synonymous with the countrys best nightlife, and has even attracted international attention.

Cineclub Istanbul, one of Istanbuls biggest club booking sites, lists more than 60 foreign clubs, many of which cater to the countrywide trend.

Cinime’s study found 91% of nightclub’s patrons were foreigners.

The clubs ranked as the best are:CinTime Entertainment Ranking #1 – Istanbul Club with “Cinderella” and “Pineapple Express” and a “Dancing in the Dark” playlist.

The “Cineclub” is the most popular nightclub in Istanbul, with the club booking website listing more than 90 clubs in the city alone.

It also lists the most famous club in the capital, with CineClub Istanbul ranking as the top club in Ankara.

It’s the most decorated nightclub in the whole of Turkey, with “Dance Nightclub” playing in front of the parliament and “Singing in the Streets” playing on the streets of the capital.

CineClub says it started to rank the best clubs in Turkey after researching them for several years.

“We researched them over the past two years, and found out that they were really the top clubs in Istanbul,” Karaca said.

“They are popular amongst foreigners.

They are also very, very popular in Istanbul.”

A popular club that is often listed as one of the best in Istanbul in the CinTime ranking is the “Kosmos” club.

The club’s name was inspired by the popular Turkish holiday of Eid al-Fitr, the Islamic holy day when Muslims gather for the annual Eid prayer in the streets, but the club is known for its dancing and music, as well as being a popular location for local events.CINTIME also ranks the second most popular nightlife in Istanbul after the famous “Hajjajas” nightclub, which is the location of a famous nightclub in Ankara that attracts foreigners as well.

The venue is also popular with foreign tourists, with visitors arriving from Turkey, Greece, Russia, and Germany.

“Kosmo is definitely the best place in Istanbul to go to dance.

It is also one of those clubs that you can’t miss,” CineParty Istanbul director and founder Huseyin Zaman told Polygon.

“Cinema is also very popular here, so it’s also really cool.”

The “Sketchy” club is popular with locals.

It serves Turkish food, as many foreigners do.

CinaParty Istanbul Director and owner Mehmet Kacak said that the club “came into existence because there was a problem with foreigners dancing in the area.”

“People were always asking us to close it down, and it’s now been shut down for almost 20 years.

We still have people who come here and dance, but they have a lot of respect for the club and the culture.

People come here for entertainment, and there’s not a lot else to do here,” he said.

CinaParty has also partnered with a new nightclub in “Komotu,” a trendy area in Istanbul’s Ortakoy district, to create the