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Hong Kong Movie Showcases 2017 Best and Worst Films from the 2017 Hong Kong Film Festival

The Hong Kong International Film Festival (HKIFF) has released its 2017 film awards for the week of November 16 to 21.

HKIFF is the largest international film festival in Asia and the world, attracting more than 30,000 filmmakers and more than $300 million in ticket sales.

Here are the highlights from the films released on November 16.

Best Feature: ‘The World’ (Ace Films, 2018)This Hong Kong drama tells the story of a boy and his family’s struggle to keep their faith amid the rise of Communism and the aftermath of World War II.

The film won the Palme d’Or for Best Film at the Hong Kong film festival, with award-winning director David Mackenzie winning the Best Actor award.

The movie also earned a nomination for Best Screenplay for its screenplay, which was written by the film’s co-writer.

The plot revolves around the boy’s grandfather, who is haunted by memories of the war years and is haunted each time he wakes up to the news of the conflict.

He is eventually able to reconcile his grief and the horror of war, and becomes a leader of the Resistance.

He works to make his grandfather’s family and village a better place, and eventually becomes a symbol of hope in the midst of the current crisis.

‘The Best Foreign Language Film’ (Discovery Channel, 2018)”The Best Feature Film category was the most contested category, with two films vying for the Best Foreign language Film award.

‘Karen’ was nominated for Best Foreign Languages Film at last year’s Hong Kong premiere, and won the prize at this year’s festival.

‘Mystery of the Sea’ is a historical drama with an intriguing plot about a group of survivors of the sinking of the Japanese warship Nagasaki.

The Japanese military captured nearly 2,000 people, and many died in the process.

The surviving members of the group are now trying to bring their memories back to life.

‘Halo’ (Cinemax, 2018″)’The Best Supporting Actor award went to Oscar winner Daniel Kaluuya for his performance as a struggling actor in ‘The Big Short,’ which won the Best Picture Oscar for Best Picture at the Academy Awards.

Kaluuy won Best Supporting Actress for his role in ‘Loving’ and Best Supporting Film for his work in ‘Karate Kid 2.’

The film was nominated in three categories: Best Original Screenplay, Best Director, and Best Cinematography.

‘Narcos: Mexico’ (Universal, 2018″The Best Director category was a close second, with the award for Best Director going to Luis Jimenez’ work as director for ‘Necessary Roughness,’ a documentary that follows the lives of Mexican drug cartels, as well as the story behind the ‘Noche Domingo’ statue in Mexico City.

The Oscar winner also won Best Original Score for his score for ‘The Boy Next Door.’

‘The Girl Next Door’ (Fandango, 2018The Best Actress category was again up for grabs, with Alicia Vikander winning Best Actress for her role as Maria in ‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes,’ which was nominated on five separate occasions at the 2017 festival.

The award-winner also won a nomination at this years festival for her work in the documentary ‘Liar’s Poker,’ which follows the life of the former head of the CIA, John Brennan.

‘La La Land’ (The Weinstein Company, 2018Best Original Song: ‘Dancing Queen’ (Album by Dolly Parton, 2018).”

The Best Original Song category went to Dolly and her song, “DancingQueen,” which was also nominated for the Oscar.

The song won three Oscars, including Best Original Music, and was also recognized at the 2016 festival for Best Original Dance Recording.

The 2017 film, directed by Adam McKay, also won the award, and earned the award at the 2015 Hong Kong movie festival.’

Lovesick’ (Amazon, 2018An Oscar-nominated musical about a young boy who is separated from his mother after her divorce and reunited with her son from another marriage, “Lovesicky,” earned a Best Musical Score at last years festival, and will now be shown in Hong Kong cinemas.

The show, which starred Jennifer Hudson, won Best Musical Direction and Best Musical Actor at last seasons festival.

Best Actress in a Musical was also up for a second time, this time for the role of the beautiful, lovable, and supportive mother, ‘Nancy.’

‘I Love You, Daddy’ (TLC, 2018A TV series with a different storyline than the movie.

‘I love you daddy, I love you’ is the story that led to the breakup of actor and director Mark Duplass.

The drama is set in 2017 and focuses on the life and career of the famous and influential father of actor Ben St