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What to expect from the upcoming film The Cinerama documentary series, which premieres at Cineflix this week

Cinefex is premiering the Cineramas documentary series at Cinerapalooza this week, with an array of films ranging from indie cinema classics to blockbuster feature films.

The Cineramatic documentary series is an Australian film festival’s first and only one-night-only foray into the cinema.

Its aim is to showcase the full range of cinema making, from classic Australian films to modern hits.

“Cineflux’s Cinerames are a great way for fans to explore the full breadth of cinema, which is what makes them so special,” said CineFlex founder Andrew Gullo.

“It gives you a chance to watch some of the biggest and most influential Australian films, including classics like The Cinephile, The Black Dog, and The Three Musketeers.”

There’s also some great independent cinema here, with films such as The Man in the Box and The Ghost of Christmas Past.

“In addition to being a fantastic way to meet other fans of cinema and share great stories, Cinefamers events also give people the opportunity to experience the full spectrum of Australian cinema and its impact on our culture.”

Cinefam’s events are open to anyone with a ticket, with the festival taking a small cut of all ticket sales.

The festival also has a special emphasis on films made during the Great Depression.

It’s not just the films themselves that have been screened but also the films’ impact on society during the era, with a focus on topics such as depression and domestic violence.

The event is held in conjunction with the National Archives, and features a selection of films on a range of topics, including the Great Crash, the War of 1939-45, and the Great War.

The film-makers are looking forward to seeing what fans have to say about the series at the CineFest this weekend.

“The Cinefamily has always been a platform for filmmakers to showcase their work and the breadth of our heritage,” said filmmaker Chris Stokes.

“We are very proud to be a part of this unique and engaging experience.”