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‘We’re not racist’: Trump slams ‘very bad’ CNN interview

CNN has issued a correction to an article it posted on Friday that suggested the Republican presidential candidate was racist in his reaction to the shooting deaths of five African-American churchgoers in Charleston.

The article, written by CNN commentator Chris Cuomo and published on Thursday, was titled, “We’re Not Racists.

Trump Rips CNN Interview.”

In the article, Cuomo wrote that Trump was “terribly racist” for saying that he was “not racist” after being asked if he was racist against black people in a CNN interview.

“He is very racist, Chris Cuomo said, adding that he does not think that he is a racist.

The fact that he said he’s not racist speaks volumes,” Cuomo wrote.”

The fact that you have this president that is racist is a disgrace.

We’re not racists, Chris, we are human beings.”CNN also tweeted that Cuomo’s “accusations” about Trump were “totally false.”

Cuomo’s comments came after CNN host Erin Burnett interviewed Trump at the Republican National Convention on Friday and was one of the main talking points for the network during the convention.

Trump’s comments were widely condemned as “racist” by Black Lives Matter activists and other social justice activists.

“This was not an interview.

This was a speech,” a spokesperson for the Trump campaign said.”

While the RNC was in Charlotte, the Republican Party held a press conference to denounce the horrific mass shooting in Charleston, South Carolina.

It is unfortunate that Donald Trump would use this tragedy to try to rally support for his policies, which he has been calling for since before the election.

The party’s response is shameful.

It speaks volumes that he would use it as a way to justify his hateful comments.”CNN did not immediately respond to a request for comment from HuffPost.