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The best and worst movies from the first decade of the 21st century

Posted October 04, 2018 07:05:08The first decade was the period of the first blockbuster, the first film, the greatest, the most iconic, and the most successful film of all time, says the Hollywood Reporter’s Peter Kafka.

“In a word, it was the golden age of cinema.

There was something about the cinema that was new, exciting, and, for a time, the only one that had the power to inspire,” Kafka writes.

A decade and a half later, we’ve come full circle, and we can say, finally, that the golden era of cinema was over, says Kafka.

It all started in 2001, with the blockbuster, and it’s been the decade since that blockbuster has been seen, writes Kafka.

The golden age has been over, but not for long.

Since then, films have continued to do well and have made an impact, he says.

It’s hard to say what was the defining moment in the decade, but it is easy to imagine a time when the most important and most iconic film of the decade was a blockbuster, a movie that changed the way audiences saw and saw themselves, writes the critic.

It’s not a case of “the best and the worst,” but the best and bad movies are the ones that have the most impact, says writer-director Peter Kafka, who directed the film “A Good Day to Die Hard.”

It is difficult to define a golden era, because the films of that era are so varied and they all came from different parts of the world, writes writer-screenwriter Christopher Walken.

The best of the best was not from a certain country, or even a certain decade, it came from a place that was unique, writes Walken, who is also the producer of “Actors’ Voices” and “The Best and the Worst of Michael Bay.”

The best and even the worst movies were made in countries that were different from each other and different from America, Walken says.

The worst movies made us uncomfortable.

And then we were tired of watching them.

And so we went home.

And they didn’t make us uncomfortable anymore, but we made them uncomfortable.

The people who made them, the people who got them, were not people we knew.

They were people we just didn’t know.

They just happened to be in our country.

We didn’t care what they were, he continues.

The movies were the best because they were different, they were new, they weren’t as American, they didn`t have the same kind of baggage, they had new voices, they felt like they were more powerful than us.

But they were still making us uncomfortable, and so we were watching them, and then we went back home and we watched them again.

And so I think we did make films in a period of change.

But we made films that were not made for the sake of being American, that were made for other reasons.

I think that the best movies were a response to a particular era, a time that was a different kind of place and a different time, and that was very interesting.

But it was also a time of the American dream, that you were born into the best country in the world and you worked your whole life for it.

And so, yes, there were films that we didn’t watch because we didn`ve seen enough of them, but the films that really inspired me were films made in the United States and made in a particular period of time, a particular place and an era, he adds.