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How to Watch All 48 NFL games this season with the new Cinetime TV app

The NFL is rolling out a new TV app to help fans find the best game of the season.

Cintermix has just launched its own app, Cinime TV, which allows users to watch all 48 NFL regular season games.

Here are the best deals:For starters, CINIME TV offers up to 60 hours of live football.

That’s more than enough to watch a game and keep tabs on every play, but it’s not the most comprehensive list of games.

There are also games that are available for free, such as the Buffalo Bills vs. Miami Dolphins and the Seattle Seahawks vs. Green Bay Packers.

But you can stream all of those games for free if you pay for a full season of access to the NFL.

CINIMETV is still in its infancy, but the NFL’s video app was the most popular in the US last season with a whopping 90.3 million users.

And that number is projected to grow by nearly two million in 2018.