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How to take the temperature of your own backyard in 10 minutes

The weather is still pretty cool in Chennai, India, but now the sun is going to rise over the city, and the city will get a bit chilly. 

The temperatures in Chennai are expected to dip to 5 degrees Celsius, with a peak of 7 degrees Celsius at the top of the day. 

Temperatures will dip to 6 degrees Celsius in the morning and 7 degrees in the evening, according to reports. 

And, if you want to be a little more comfortable, you could take a walk at 3pm on Tuesday, when the temperature is expected to reach 7 degrees. 

So how does the temperature forecast change? 

According to India Meteorological Department, the peak temperature of the temperature at 8am will drop to 5.5 degrees Celsius. 

It will dip below 5 degrees at around 8am, and stay there for around an hour, with the next drop in temperature coming at around 4pm. 

At around 8pm, the temperature will reach 5.6 degrees Celsius and then drop back down to 4.5 at around 9pm.

The weather forecast will then remain in place until the following day.

According to the weather forecaster, there is no risk of any heatwave this time of year in the city.

There is also no danger of the weather increasing in the next few days, as the average temperature is predicted to drop further to around 5 degrees, according a forecast from India Meteorology Department.

While the forecast is for warmer weather for the next day and a half, there could be some slight drop in temperatures, especially at the end of the night.

On the other hand, there will be a slight increase in the temperature over the next two days, with temperatures around 6 degrees.