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CNN: “I don’t know if I will continue to be a viewer or not.”

CNN has confirmed to TheWrap that it will not be renewing its CNN show, “I Don’t Know If I Will Continue to Be a Viewer” in 2018.

In an emailed statement to The New York Times, the network said that it has “learned from the feedback” and is now focusing on “other programming and future programming.”

“CNN has always been about the stories we cover and that is what drives us, our audience and what drives CNN.

We are not changing our mission, our values or our strategy,” the statement said.

“The network is making the most of our strengths, which are being able to provide high-quality and compelling news and information to viewers across platforms, across the web and across social platforms.”

CNN has also announced that it plans to take “some significant” cuts to its production staff.

“CNN’s news programming is a priority for our team and we are excited to continue to expand our content with some of the world’s most important news organizations, including The Associated Press, Reuters, The New Yorker, Reuters News Agency, BBC, CBS, NBC and The Wall Street Journal,” CNN President Jeff Zucker said in a statement.

“We are committed to finding new ways to deliver quality news to our audiences and to making it available across all platforms.”

It will be up to CNN to decide whether to continue airing the show in 2018 or whether it will make an exit.